After someone dies the process of administering the estate, whether a probate estate or revocable trust, is similar to walking into the middle of a movie. Figuring out what assets exist, locating where there are, ascertaining liabilities, and discovering what issues are pending when someone passes is a challenge.

We all carry things around in our heads, as mental to-do lists. This is becoming increasingly complex in our digital age where we have cell phones, smartphones, and tablets and an endless variety of electronic contacts and cloud storage containers.

Something as straightforward as remembering your passwords can be quite difficult. Preserving access and control of your accounts and information diring disability or after you die is helpful to assist your successor taking over your affairs.

I have begun to encourage my clients to use a password system such as LastPass which will simplify the preservation of log in data for you and those you leave behind.

Of course all things are good and bad. Consolidating your passwords into one convenient site has its own set of risks.